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About Taipei Food Guide

Whether you are a local Taiwanese, expat living in Taipei, or a visitor on business or vacation, this guide will offer you some deeper insight into dining and overall food choices in Taipei. Taipei is a wonderful city for dining that is packed with a seemingly countless number of places to eat. From fine dining Michelin-rated restaurants, to your favorite hole-in-the-wall or street food, Taipei is home to a diverse food population. But where do you find these restaurants, and how good are they really? Blogs are a great source of information, but they are fragmented and only offer one person’s point of view. That’s what got us interested in developing the Taipei Food Guide.

How to List a Business? is a great way for you to list a restaurant that you own or are just a huge fan of. The best listings will provide an accurate write-up of the type of place that it is as well as include some pictures of the food, drinks, venue, staff or whatever that you think is important. By providing useful and accurate information like address, telephone number, operating hours, food style, etc. you’ll be able to reach a large audience and help others find places to eat around Taipei.

For Reviewers:
Just as important as the people who list businesses are the reviewers. Did you have an absolutely delish meal? Is there a restaurant with the best customer service? Would you like to tell a larger audience some of the secrets of what is good (or not good) to order? This is the place you can do it. Not everyone will get the same experience at the very same restaurant. This is a great way for people to distinguish the best from a large range of opinions.

As a general rule, please keep it clean and honest. We’re looking to build a community here that caters to a wide audience of kids, parents, and people of all ages and walks of life. Thank you very much for being a part of the experience, and please enjoy our site!

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